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We’re Glad You’re Here

We hope you will consider us a partner in your search for your best match pet.

Adopting a pet is a big decision, one that should be made with care and consideration for the long-term. The Animal League has been matching pets with their forever families since 1988. We’re here to help.

We are a “best match” facility. We try to match the pet’s personality and needs with the family’s needs and lifestyle to increase the likelihood of a lifetime happy relationship for the whole family.

Steps to pet Adoption

Research Pet Breeds

If you haven’t yet, research pet breeds that best match your lifestyle and circumstances. For example, a high-energy dog breed may not be a best match for a more sedentary pet owner.

Complete An Adoption Application

Ready to meet some pets? The Adoption Center is open by appointment only. Please complete an adoption application prior to your scheduled meet and greet appointment.

Schedule A Meet & Greet

Please keep an open mind during your meet and greet appointment. We are expert “best match” makers with an aim to keep pets and their owners together for the pet’s lifetime. We know each pet intimately and will match you with pet personalities that fit your lifestyle and circumstances.

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