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Animal shelter volunteers play critical roles in helping us save even more cats and dogs. Volunteers are the soul of our organization, and we are happy you are considering joining our family! Help make a real difference to end the plight of homeless pets.


Information for Adult Volunteers

Why volunteer for The Animal League? You’ll meet a lot of friendly animal-loving people, it’s fun, and most importantly, you’re helping the animals!

Volunteer opportunities are available in many different areas for adults who wish to volunteer 2-4 hours weekly with The Animal League. Volunteers are the heart and soul of our organization, and we strive to offer meaningful opportunities that are both rewarding to you and beneficial to us.

Adult Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers are the soul of our organization, and we are happy you are considering joining our family! Please note that to volunteer you should:

  • be at least 17 years of age, and if you are between 17-18 years old have consent from a legal guardian to volunteer with us.
  • have ID showing your present address and birth date.
  • attend all required training which includes an initial orientation. Additional training may be required depending on your area of service.

Click below to learn more about each opportunity.

Adult Volunteer Application

Please complete the application in its entirety. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The information you provide will be held in the utmost of confidence, and will only be used for the application process.

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Information

(mother, father, friend, etc.)
If yes, please stop, exit out of this application and complete the student volunteer application located on the volunteer page. We currently do not offer court ordered community service opportunities.
(friend, VolunteerMatch, etc.)


Please complete the appropriate section below based on your area of interest.


Please complete this section only if you are interested in volunteering at the adoption center, at adoption events, and/or as a foster.



The following section must be completed by all applicants

Please read carefully the following statements, and indicate yes or no, as they constitute the conditions under which you would be volunteering with the South Lake Animal League should you be accepted as a volunteer.


Student Community Service Hours for Students Ages 12-18

For liability reasons, students under the age of 18 are not permitted to handle or work with our animals. Our donation drive program is a great way to help animals and earn hours for Bright Futures.

Thank you for choosing The Animal League for your community service project! Using your community service hours to help the animals is very much appreciated. We know each student has a specific number of community service hours to be completed to fulfill school requirements. The Animal League has designated a flexible donation drive project to meet these varying needs. At this time we do not offer on-site volunteer hours for temporary student volunteers completing community service requirements. Our long-term volunteers require a commitment of 2-4 hours weekly and go through necessary pet handling and safety training. We offer limited exceptions for student groups, such as the Boy Scouts, who have trade skills such as carpentry and landscaping. Contact us for more information if this applies to your current volunteer request. Complete the student volunteer application to get started!

Student Volunteer Application

For liability reasons, students under the age of 18 are not permitted to handle or work with our animals. Our donation drive program is a great way to help animals and earn hours for Bright Futures.

Interested in hosting a fundraiser for The Animal League as a part of your student service hours? Please complete both applications below to get started. Or, if you have questions, complete step 1 and we will help you complete the donation drive application.

step 1: Complete the General Application to Introduce Yourself

Volunteer Application- School Service Volunteer Hours
If you are seeking longer-term volunteerism with The Animal League and can commit 2-4 hours weekly, please review the long-term volunteer opportunities and complete the application for consideration. *If you are an 1) organized school group or 2) adult group wishing to volunteer, please complete the event form instead.

Step 2: Complete Your Donation Drive Application

Please complete the donation drive application after you considered the below details. We would be glad to help you if you need assistance brainstorming ideas to ensure your fundraiser is the most successful it can be. Just let us know you need help!

Student Community Service Donation Drive

Student Community Service Donation Drive Application

Student: While volunteering on behalf of The Animal League, Inc., I agree to conduct myself in an appropriate and respectful manner, including my dress, language and general behavior, and I agree to adhere to the policies of the agency. I will complete the tasks I have selected in a timely manner.

Parent: I certify by my signature below that I am the parent and/or legal guardian and will be wholly responsible for any damages incurred by my child. I agree to hold harmless The Animal League, Inc., its agents, employees, directors, and insurance carriers from any and all claims, damages, and judgments which I may have now or in the future against The Animal League, Inc., in all matters pertaining to our service as an Animal League volunteer, including, but not limited to, personal injury. I give consent to The Animal League to use and reproduce our names and photographs in connection with any advertising, programming, and/or promotion of The Animal League in any media.

Planning Your Donation Drive

Before you begin your donation drive, it is important to plan it out. This includes determining who you will target to ask for donations, recruiting resources to help you, and marketing your donation drive. Most importantly you should have a solid understanding of The Animal League and what we do so that you can be a knowledgeable brand ambassador while conducting your donation drive.

Please review our website and our Facebook page for information about The Animal League.
For example, you may recruit friends and family to help you with a successful donation drive. Who will you recruit, if anyone, and what help will you ask them to provide you?

Next steps

The Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to review your application. Thank you for your interest in The Animal League!

Student Community Service Donation Drives: Calculation of Service Hours

For liability reasons, students under the age of 18 are not permitted to handle or work with our animals. Our donation drive program is a great way to help animals and earn hours for Bright Futures.

Pet Supplies for Our Adoptable Dogs

  • Durable Chew Toys such as Nylabones and Kongs (1/2 hr per 3 of any size)
  • Mesh Harnesses (all sizes needed) (1/2 hr per harness)
  • Leashes (1/2 hr per leash)
  • Pedigree Adult Dry Dog Food (1/2 hr for 3-8 lbs)(1 hr for 9lbs or larger)
  • Pedigree Canned Puppy Food (1 hr per case)
  • Pedigree Dry Puppy Food (1/2 hr for 3-8 lbs)(1 hr for 9lbs or larger)
  • Pedigree Canned Pate Dog Food (1 hr per case)
  • Dog Treats (1/2 hr for 5 bags)
  • Flea and Tick Control for dogs and puppies (1/2 hr per box)
  • Sheets, Towels, Blankets that fit in a washer (1 hr for 5 blankets)

Pet Supplies for Our Adoptable Cats

  • Cat Treats (1/2 hr for 5 bags)
  • Cat Toys of all varieties (1/2 hr for 5 toys)
  • Purina Kitten Chow (1/2 hr for 3-8 lbs)(1 hr for 9lbs or larger)
  • Purina Cat Chow (1/2 hr for 3-8 lbs)(1 hr for 9lbs or larger)
  • Flea and Tick Control for cats and kittens (1/2 hr per box)
  • Cat litter (1/2 hr for 3-8 lbs)(1 hr for 9lbs or larger)
  • Soft Blankets (1 hr for 5 blankets)

Cleaning Supplies for Our Adoption Center

  • Paper Products: Paper Towels, Toilet paper, Paper Plates, Cups (1/2 hr per package)
  • Liquid Laundry Detergent (High Efficiency) (1/2 hr for 1 Gallon)
  • Bleach (1/2 hr for 1 Gallon)
  • Fabulosa (1/2 hr for 1 bottle)
  • Trash Bags: 14 gallon, 33+ gallon, 55 gallon (1/2 hr for 1 box of trash bags)
  • Pine Sol or Generic Brand All-Purpose Cleaners (1/2 hr for 1 bottle)
  • Industrial Mop Heads, large 1 ¼” tape band (1/2 hr per mop head)
  • Liquid Dish Soap (1/2 hr for 1 bottle)
  • Brooms, Rakes, Shovels, Long Handled Scrub Brushes (1 hr per item)

Hours are given for successfully following all donation drive guidelines and procedures. No exceptions will be made. Please remember this is an ongoing need. We use these supplies each and every day! We hope you will donate again throughout the year. Please, no pillows or cushions.

*These are maximum hours available.

For liability reasons, students under the age of 18 are not permitted to work with or handle animals. The donation drive is a great way to help our animals while earning hours for Bright Futures.

Ready to get started with your donation drive? Complete the donation drive form on the “Application” tab so that we can help you plan for success and avoid common pitfalls.

Steps To Organizing A Pet Food & Supply Drive For The Animal League

Students may collect as many pounds of food or supplies as they wish.

  • Create posters or flyers for your pet food and supply drive. Please see our Wish List of the items we currently need.
  • Be sure to get your donation drive and your advertising materials approved by The Animal League before beginning your donation drive. See our approved samples.
  • Remember this is a donation drive for goods.  Do not ask for money.
  • Contact friends, neighbors, relatives, your school and/or church, area businesses, etc. to solicit Wish List donations. For pet food we accept fresh, unexpired, unopened bags of dry cat and dog food. Do not do door-to-door solicitations without parental supervision.
  • Social media is a good way to spread the word about your donation drive!
  • Contact the Volunteer Coordinator one week prior to make an appointment to drop off the donations.
  • Don’t forget to thank those who donated and helped you with this project! A personal note from you is most appropriate.
  • Once we have received the donation of supplies, the Volunteer Coordinator will sign any forms required by your school, verifying the project and hours completed.  It is your responsibility to present school forms to us with your completed project.


We have organized many different group volunteer days and events on and off our Adoption Center campus throughout the years, for businesses, student organizations, and classes. Some ideas for your group activity include:

  • A group volunteer day at our Adoption Center campus improving the landscaping, painting, constructing, and organizing
  • Fundraisers at your place of business
  • Involving The Animal League in your event for charitable giving or wish list donations
  • Donation drives

Are you a current volunteer? Login to Volgistics to track your hours.

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