Ways to Help

There are so many ways you can help. You really can make a difference! Whether you’d like to volunteer at The Animal League Thrift Shop or The Animal League Adoption Center, or help at Animal League events, we can always use an extra pair of hands. Check out our full Animal League volunteer list and become a volunteer today! All it takes is an approved application and short training process and you’re ready to go making a difference.

We also gladly accept cash as one time or monthly installments, and in-kind donations from our Wish List or in-kind donations as a part of our Nourish the Needy program. You may also choose to help us reduce our expenses for rehabilitating animals that are a part of our Sunshine Fund or you may wish to leave us a little something in your will through our Planned Giving Program


Regardless of how you choose to help, we sincerely appreciate you!