Archie and Alvin were rescued by The Animal League

Archie and Alvin heard you might be interested in fostering…?

Fostering is for you if:

  • you want to help some of the many homeless and stray animals who may never have known a loving touch or warm bed, or who have been abandoned for no fault of their own.
  • you can provide a safe environment where a dog, puppy, cat, or kitten will be treated kindly.
  • you want to save a small life.

“The look of love in their eyes with the love that they give you is immensely rewarding and uplifts my spirit…to foster is to receive love in pure form.”

Foster Parent Volunteer, The Animal League

The sad truth is there are many animals suffering from exposure, homelessness, illness, and starvation in the environments that we rescue from and every foster family helps save a life we may not have been able to save otherwise. By opening your heart and home to one of our dogs or cats, you get to play a huge role in preparing them for their chance at a happy, healthy life.

We hear people say that they’re afraid they’ll love the animal too much to say goodbye. We can empathize because every animal that comes to our shelter is one we love dearly. The alternative, however, is that without a foster, that cat or dog might never know love, or what it feels like to have a full belly, or to be healthy and free from pain. Because of that, although tears may be shed when our baby goes on to their forever home we are happy, not only for them, but because we can now welcome in another animal in need.

What Our Foster Parents Do

Foster parents provide an extension of space so we can take in more pets than our shelter can hold.

Foster parents provide a cozy place for pregnant mommas to deliver and nurse their babies until they are ready for adoption.

Foster parents provide a quiet and safe environment for neglected pets to regain confidence and trust.

Foster parents help rehabilitate especially nervous and frightened dogs, working with them to develop calm and happy pets.

Foster parents stay in close contact with our medical team and Adoption Center while fostering.

Foster parents provide updates to staff on eating habits, medical conditions, and behavioral progress.

Foster parents are integral to us rescuing pregnant cats and dogs and newborn litters.

Foster parents provide home care when pets undergo medical testing and surgery.

Razzle was rescued by The Animal League

Fostering FAQs

People often ask us, “from where do you get all of your puppies and kittens?”

  • Sometimes we knowingly rescue pregnant cats and dogs.
  • Sometimes we find a newborn litter in a cardboard box on our doorstep.
  • Sometimes we rescue pregnant cats and dogs from being euthanized at a county shelter.

We simply can’t rescue pregnant cats and dogs and abandoned litters without the help of our foster parents.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a foster parent. Complete the volunteer application to get started.

“Every animal deserves a chance to live and to know what it means to be loved.”

Foster Parent Volunteer, The Animal League

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