Sunshine Fund

The Sunshine Fund is an ongoing chip-in to help the dogs and cats rescued by The Animal League who have special medical needs.

Broken bones, puppies with parvo, skin diseases...all part of our everyday shelter life. With rising veterinary costs and so many pets in need, we appreciate any donation to our Sunshine Fund. Because of our generous supporters, we can help save animals that require extensive veterinary care.

February 12, 2018 - Almost 50 pets, ranging from skin and urinary tract infections to broken bones and critical life-threatening illness have been cared for in 2018 so far. The need for your donation has never been greater!

Donations to the Sunshine Fund have helped hundreds of pets receive the medical care they need. If you are contributing towards a specific pet, you can indicate that pet by choosing "Add Special Instructions" after clicking on the Donate button below. Thank you for your help in saving them!

The Sunshine Fund at Work

Tiny Sydney needs heart surgery!

August 2018:
Little Sydney has been diagnosed with a Grade 5/6 heart murmur and needs surgery as soon as possible. Estimate at this time is $2500-4100.00
Please help this sweet puppy have a chance for a full and happy life! The DONATE button is above. You can follow her progress on our Facebook page. Thank you!

Mutilated Leg & Slit Throat

On January 9th, 2017, Charlie was found on Highway 90 in Suwannee County with a mangled and mutilated leg and a slit throat. Who could do such a thing is beyond our comprehension. Thanks to our Sunshine Fund we were able to immediately rush Charlie to the emergency room to start prognosis but as of 1/10/18 we are currently still in need of more funds to save poor Charlie.

Please donate to the Sunshine Fund to help Charlie.

You can keep tabs on Charlie on The Animal League's Sunshine Fund Facebook page.

Hungry & Itchy Pups

Four hungry and itchy puppies were discovered abandoned in the Ocala National Forest. Read about their story here and make a donation to their care.  Look how well they are doing with your help!

Dumped Puppy

Puppy dumped on the side of the road and hit by car. Click here to read about Fudge's story and donate.


Left to die. McGee is Fighting for Her Life. Click here to read her story and donate.


And there are many other Sunshine Fund stories we could tell thanks to your generous donations! Twinkle, the Chihuahua, came to us with severe injuries including a protruding eye, a puncture wound to the shoulder, and a broken jaw. Despite all of those injuries she is as sweet as can be and is on her way back to good health under our care. Then there's Star who came to us with severe neglect. At just 10 weeks old she has laxity in her ankles and has severe demodex mange.  She is recovering with our help. The two hounds are another story: Sierra and Andy came to The Animal League scared to death having been left in the yard since puppies.  In spite of not being socialized, they are sweet with not an ounce of aggression. Sierra came to us pregnant and is now in foster care.  She will stay in foster care until after her pups are born and old enough to be adopted. Andy is learning to socialize while at our adoption center.

Sunbeam's Story 

SunbeamJune 2014 The Animal League took in a small young border collie from Lake County Animal Services. The dog had been abused by someone and was extremely afraid of men.  She was completely covered in open sores, infection and was furless on her entire face, head, neck and legs. SUNBEAM is what we called her because we knew one day she would truly shine! It took weeks where she was “in the back” where we loved her, gained her trust, bathed her wounded and infected skin, and planned her recovery with veterinarians. It was not until she was healthy that a volunteer photographer came out took her adoption picture and it was then that she was ready to ‘meet’ the world again. Because of the dedicated staff and volunteers, and because of the financial support from donors like you, Sunbeam recovered and once gain looked fabulous and regained confidence. In early October Sunbeam was adopted to a wonderful family.

This is what we do.

We do not post photos of our dogs and cats when they arrive. Most people have enough of their own worries and life trials and would understandably prefer not to see them.  Medical Rehabilitation is not cheap. The average cost for us per pet is over $500.00. Because we have increased the number of heartworm positive dogs we take in (a cost of $400-$800 per heartworm treatment) that number is now even higher.

Every single happy adoptable pet you see has a story. When you share them and adopt them you are helping us to save their lives as well as the lives of the ones waiting for us to come to their aid.  Thank you so much for adopting, donating, volunteering, and thank you for caring and sharing!


More about the Sunshine Fund



The Sunshine Fund helps the pets who come to The Animal League with injuries and illnesses that are beyond normal circumstances. These are the sick, abused, and abandoned pets we take in and nurse back to health. Most require surgeries other shelters would not be willing to provide and we can't do it without your support!

In April 2014, The Animal League was asked to help with a sad case involving rescuing 14 small breed dogs living in poor conditions. These dogs suffered from a variety of medical conditions and ailments. These ailments included severe eye and ear infections, glaucoma, skin infections, flea and tick infestations and severe dental disease. A few of the dogs were scared and unsocialized. We accepted this huge undertaking and asked for your support in helping provide the medical care they so desperately needed.


Tilly is a 4 month old schnauzer who was brutally mauled by a bigger dog sustaining severe injuries to her leg including three fractures. We were able to take her in and get her the treatment she needed due to your generosity in contributions to our Sunshine Fund.


Thanks to your help, we have been able to take in so many Sunshine Fund dogs and cats this year.  Please consider giving a tax deductible contribution to our Sunshine Fund this Holiday Season to help these beautiful pets in such great need.


Why The Sunshine Fund Started: The Story of Sunshine

This one-year-old shy and sweet spaniel-mix should have been lavishing someone with puppy kisses and love. Instead, she had a terrible case of mange and was scheduled to be euthanized on a bright spring morning. The Animal League’s Adoption Center was full but we asked Animal Control for an extra day to give us time to find a solution…That extra day was granted!


Lots of wonderful people hustled to try and help but things were still uncertain. The end of the day drew near and we scrambled harder… With a little shuffling within our adoption center, we were able to fit her in. This was a really close call for a sweet little dog and we decided to call this precious baby, Sunshine, and the Sunshine Fund was born.