Benjamin before after pic

Rescue. Rehabilitation. Rehome. Our story.

Benjamin was found wandering, presumably abandoned, at a fish camp.

It took 3 weeks before the authorities were called and he was picked up by his local municipal shelter. There Benjamin finally had shelter and food. The municipal shelter attempted to contact his old family, but no luck. Benjamin was so lonely and sad.


Shortly thereafter The Animal League was contacted about taking in Benjamin. Pretty soon Benjamin was on his way to meet us. Awesome volunteers and kind people from the community raised enough money to bring him here. When Benjamin arrived, he was matted, dirty, and uncomfortable – not to mention scared!


The Animal League’s amazing staff and volunteers worked to build Benjamin’s confidence, and the wonderful and talented people at Loving Hands Grooming gave him a handsome new hairdo. Who knew this adorable boy was hiding under all those tangles and mats!


Little by little, Benjamin started to come out of his shell. Maybe his new look gave him confidence! Pretty soon, a nice lady came to visit our facility. She fell in love with this sweet boy, and Benjamin’s dream came true — he was adopted!


In an update by Benjamin’s family we learned that he is a happy and confident boy. His new family said, “our family understands the challenges of an older puppy adoption, and we are committed to being Benji’s forever home. Thank you for your help in bringing us together!”

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We rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome cats and dogs. It’s what we do.

We recently made a major investment, with the kind support of donors, to expand our intake and recovery operations. Shown below is a portion of our Loos Recover Center where we have 6 specialty treatment units for the most common illnesses found in abandoned, neglected pets.

Loos Recovery Center Units
Loos Recovery Center units

Recovery is not always easy. Some pets come in with major injuries that are expensive to fix. You may have seen some of our special fundraisers for these cases. Other times we have to dip into our Sunshine Fund or Have a Heart fund to assist with recovery.


The Sunshine Fund allows us to quickly spend the necessary funds to get a pet back on the road to recovery. Broken bones, puppies with parvo, skin diseases…all part of our everyday shelter life. With rising veterinary costs and so many pets in need, we appreciate any donation to our Sunshine Fund. Because of our generous supporters, we can help save animals that require extensive veterinary care.

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