See how the Pups Abandoned in Ocala National Forest are doing now

Where’s our mom? We are so scared…

Four hungry and itchy puppies were discovered abandoned in the Ocala National Forest this weekend.

We received a call…

“They look really bad! Can you help?!”


Ocalapup4   Ocalapup2  Ocalpup3    Ocalapup5

We immediately arranged for transport back to The Animal League and contacted our veterinarian to prepare them for their journey back to recovery. They were very hungry, scared and obviously in very poor health…

The puppies-now named Luke, Loretta, Lucy, Lily-are going to need several weeks of veterinary care and TLC as we treat them for a variety of ailments.

This is what we do.  We are animal rescue.

These tiny five pound puppies are malnourished and anemic, and have Sarcoptic mange and skin infections. Won’t you help these pups back to recovery?

A few weeks have passed and look at these little spunky puppies now! Thank you for your support in saving lives!


Please donate today to The Animal League’s Sunshine Fund. There is no amount too small.

With gratitude for your support,

The Animal League



About the The Animal League Sunshine Fund

The Sunshine Fund is an ongoing chip-in to help the dogs and cats rescued by The Animal League who have special medical needs. Broken bones, puppies with parvo, skin diseases…all part of our everyday shelter life. With rising veterinary costs and so many pets in need, we appreciate any donation to our Sunshine Fund. Because of our generous supporters, we can help save animals that require extensive veterinary care.


Donations to the Sunshine Fund have helped hundreds of pets receive the medical care they need.


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