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Want to make a difference? Foster!

Want to make a difference?


Fostering is for you if you:

  • Want to help some of the many homeless and stray animals who may never have known a loving touch or warm bed or who have been abandoned for no fault of their own
  • Can provide a safe environment where a dog, puppy, cat, or kitten will be treated kindly
  • Want to save a small life

The sad truth is there are many animals suffering from exposure, homelessness, illness, and starvation in the environments that we rescue from and every foster family helps save a life we may not have been able to save otherwise. By opening your heart and home to one of our dogs or cats, you get to play a huge role in preparing them for their chance at a happy, healthy life.

We hear people say that they’re afraid they’ll love the animal too much to say goodbye. We can empathize because every animal that comes to our shelter is one we love dearly. The alternative however is that without a foster that furry creature might NEVER know love or what it feels like to have a full belly or to be healthy and free from pain. Because of that, although tears may be shed when our baby goes on to their forever home we are happy, not only for them, but because we can now welcome in another animal in need.


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Q. What are a foster parent’s responsibilities?

It is your responsibility to provide a safe environment to the animal in your care. This includes appropriate exercise for the animal’s situation, positive socialization, and love. We also ask foster parents to administer routine deworming medicines, heartworm and flea preventatives and other medications as needed which are provided by the shelter. You may be asked to provide transport to/from our vet and to/from the shelter although assistance with transportation can sometimes be provided. Finally, we ask that you provide updates on how the animal is adapting to a home environment and successes and challenges in your and their life. This allows us to better support you and to find the perfect adoption match for them when the time is right.

Q. How long does an animal need fostering?

Fostering varies from providing weekend relief for longer term foster pets, to a couple of weeks until a space opens up at the shelter, to a few months if you are providing a home to an expectant momma and her litter until they are weaned, or even indefinite care until adoption for pets unable to cope with the shelter environment. The foster coordinators will work with you to ensure that the fosters that you take in are the right ones for you and your family.

Q. What are the costs associated in fostering an animal?

We cover all necessary costs and provide all necessary supplies. This includes food, kennels, toys, collars, leashes and, of course, veterinary care and medicines.

Q. What happens if we go on vacation?

You can arrange to have the pet come to the shelter or to another foster family. You may also request that the pet stay with a trusted friend or family member until you return – with our pre-approval.

Q. I live in an apartment. Can I still foster?

Many dogs, and of course cats, do not need a lot of space to be happy. What they do need is a sense of security, appropriate exercise both physical and mental, and a nice comfy bed to lay on. If you are in an apartment or other rental situation however, we will require confirmation that your landlord allows you to have an animal in your home.

Q. I don’t have a fenced yard. Can I still foster a dog?

Yes! In many situations backyard play is not the best or even right exercise. The dog may be recovering from surgery or elderly or need socialization. It does mean you need to make a commitment to regularly head outdoors with your foster on a leash but isn’t a bit of exercise good for us all?

Q. I work a full 8-hour day. Can I still foster a dog?

We hear people say that do not want to foster a dog because it wouldn’t be fair to the dog because they work all day. The reality is that people need to work and whether in foster or a forever home dogs and cats often are home alone during the day. A foster dog who has a comfortable bed, a full belly, medical care, and attention and love when you do arrive home is so much better off than a dog that is homeless, sick, and hungry. And you will love being greeted with a wagging tail or a loving purr when you walk through the door at the end of the day.

Q. What if the animal does not get along with my current pet(s)?

When any problem occurs you should immediately contact your foster coordinator to discuss the best way to proceed. We will help you work through the issue or if unable to resolve it will arrange to have the animal move to another foster or to the shelter.

Q. How many animals can be fostered at once?

Usually foster parents take one animal on at a time or one momma and her litter. It depends on your schedule and comfort level.

Q. What if we want to adopt the pet?

It does happen that foster parents find that there is one that they just can’t let go. In that case they immediately send in the online adoption application and notify the foster coordinator and adoption coordinator.


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Still undecided?

Let us tempt you with a look at some sweet faces of a few of our past fosters who now are in their forever homes.


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“Saving one animal will not change the world but it will change that animal’s world forever.”

– Author unknown