Baby (Big) Red Saved by The Animal League

Baby (Big) Red is Doing Well

Baby Red (also known as Big Red) was one of our rescues in late October. The Animal League rescued him and his kitten siblings at five weeks old, after hearing they were homeless and destined for euthanasia if a rescue did not step in.


These darlings somehow lost their mom at an age when they couldn’t have possibly survived on their own.


The kittens were diagnosed with severe upper respiratory infection…

To add to the trauma of having no mom to look after them, Baby Red and his orphan siblings had severe upper respiratory infections when we took them in. The infection was so bad that mucous had glued their eyes shut. Thanks to The Animal League’s Sunshine Fund, we were able to treat them right away.


Baby Red's Eyes Glued Shut from Upper Respiratory Infection
Baby (Big) Red Upon Arrival to The Animal League with Severe Upper Respiratory Infection


Upper respiratory infections can be deadly if left untreated, especially for vulnerable little kittens. Sadly, one of Baby Red’s sisters couldn’t overcome the infection and passed away. This was heartbreaking for all of us.


With treatment and time Baby Red’s upper respiratory infection cleared…


We thought he may need his eye removed from damage caused by the infection, but so far the vet says he’s doing ok.


Look at them now!


Baby Red and his two surviving siblings, Baby Ruth and Bit-O-Honey, are currently at the Orlando Cat Café enjoying their cat trees, playing with the other cats, and hanging out with guests. They are very social and love to play with toys!


Baby (Big) Red Enjoying Life!
Baby (Big) Red is Feeling Much Better


Baby Ruth Enjoying The Day



Bit-O-Honey Loves the Cat Trees



The Animal League’s Sunshine Fund made Baby Red’s (and his siblings’) medical treatment possible. We are so very thankful to all of our donors who graciously give to this fund so that we may continue our work of rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming.