Abandoned: Behind-The-Scenes [Limited Video Series]

Abandoned limited series

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in animal rescue?

The Abandoned limited three-part series follows the rehabilitation and rehoming of many dogs we rescued from an elderly woman who died. There were over 45 abandoned dogs on the property in this tragic hoarding case, all of which were rescued with the help of several participating organizations. The Animal League took in as many as we could provide space to and afford to rehabilitate. The dogs we were able to take in range from small Corgis to larger hounds.

Part 1: The Hopeless and The Heroes

Part 2: Journey to Recovery

Part 3: Foster Care & Litters

We continue our behind-the-scenes coverage of animal rescue with a look at our foster care network. Ever wonder how we have all those adorable puppies and kittens? Be ready for cuteness overload. We’ll also update you on the abandoned dogs we rescued from the home of an elderly woman who died. Considered a ‘hoarding’ case, there were more than 50 dogs in the home at the time of her passing.

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