2019-03-04 puppy mill rescue by The Animal League (South Lake Animal League)

Puppy Mill Rescue – We Need You NOW

3/9: Edits — The original article was edited below to reflect additional dogs found on the puppy mill property. The original count was at 650 then escalated to nearly 800. We rescued 52 then an additional 28 of the mill dogs. The care costs were also updated to $60,000.

Please help… We took in 80 of these tiny tortured souls.

The Animal League was recently called by rescue partners to assist in an EXTREMELY large scale puppy-mill case involving nearly 800 small dogs. These tiny creatures were living in small wire crates year after year with no relief from boredom or pain. Forced to breed over and over. We took in 52 of these tiny souls, then we took an additional 28 more for a total of 80 dogs.


All of the mill dogs are found by The Animal League’s veterinarian to be in need of medical treatment. Diagnoses include: blindness, pregnancy, extreme fur matting, ear infections, leg injuries, abscesses, skin disease, yeast infections, severe tooth decay, mouth infections, heartworm, and tumors. Many have growths and mammary tumors with one confirmed case of breast cancer. Continued assessment will likely reveal more. Continued assessment will likely reveal more.

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Volunteers and staff have worked tirelessly to get everyone stable. Matting is so thick on some of the dogs they appear faceless. 

Rescue is inherently an expensive undertaking but this assist is expected to cost upward of $60,000.


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Imagine living in a wire crate for 12 years… Their little feet are swollen and splayed out. Some flinch when touched, others are more accepting.

Some kiss our faces – and all we can see is a little pink tongue because their own face is so matted and caked with grime.


They are thanking us and it literally brings tears to our eyes that these little souls can even consider trusting a human being after the lives they have led.

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