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We’re Sorry You Are Considering Surrendering Your Pet

Giving up a pet is often a difficult decision based on unexpected circumstances. Please take a look at our resources which may help you keep your pet.

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to take in owner surrendered pets that were not adopted from us or a part of the Pet Bequest program. Please understand we get approximately 20 requests per day from people asking us to take in their dogs or cats.

Please complete the Owner Surrender Form only if you are:

  • participating in the Pet Bequest Program – please indicate your participation in the Pet Bequest Program in the notes section.
  • returning a pet that you adopted from The Animal League – please indicate that your pet is from The Animal League in the notes section.

If we are able to take your pet into our care, a surrender fee may be required to help defray the cost of caring for this animal until a new home is found. The surrender fee will be based on whether the animal will require medical attention before being available for adoption (e.g., spayed or neutered, vaccinations, heartworm test, etc.).

Please complete the Owner Surrender Form in its entirety. Incomplete forms will not be processed. Completion of this form does not guarantee that we will be able to take your pet into our care.

Owner Surrender Form

Owner Surrender Form

Owner Information

Veterinarian Information

Pet Information

(friendly, shy, scared, digger, afraid of thunderstorms, aggressive towards other animals, food or toy aggressive, etc.)

Please email one or two current photos of your pet to after submission of this form. Please put the pet’s name in the subject of the email. Photos confirm condition and size of your pet as we have specific kennel availability. Incomplete forms or lack of photo send will not be acknowledged or considered.

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