Cookie was rescued and rehabilitated by The Animal League, a no-kill shelter in Groveland Orlando FL

Meet Cookie. She’s one tough “Cookie”.

Update! Cookie is adopted!

Dear Friends,

This year marks The Animal League’s 30th anniversary of animal rescue! You’ve been wonderful to support The Animal League through its growth adventures.

We would like to share with you one of the many success stories made possible by your support.

Meet Cookie.

A tiny little dog weighing all of 7 pounds with a gentle and sweet disposition. A dog who should be someone’s darling little friend, sitting on a lap protected and cared for.

Cookie was rescued and rehabilitated by The Animal League, a no-kill shelter in Groveland Orlando FL

Instead, Cookie was found wandering the streets all by herself in search of a morsel of food. Her eyes and skin were full of infection. One eye was completely crusted over. She had been over-bred and discarded, then shot at with a bebe gun.

A caring but underfunded County shelter picked her up and called us for help. These are the photos we received upon her intake there:

The cruelty we see inflicted on helpless animals never fails to confound us. Sometimes it makes us ashamed to be part of a species that can be so cruel. Luckily there are caring people like you who help us to fight for these innocent creatures.

As you can see, Cookie was a mess when we took her in.


On top of the gunshot and infections, Cookie had pyometra, a deadly infection of the uterus if left untreated. We performed emergency surgery at our clinic, The Animal League Wellness Center in Leesburg, FL.

Cookie then spent some time in foster care as our staff and volunteers helped her to recover, both mentally and physically.

This beautiful shy little soul is now healthy and happy, and we will find her a forever guardian who will love and protect her for the rest of her days!

Thank you for allowing us to save her and thousands like her this year. Without your support Cookie would have died all alone on the streets or in a municipal shelter. Please help us continue the fight. Your contribution will allow us to save lives just like Cookie’s.

There is so much we are willing to do to help our dogs and cats who have been abandoned, but we need your help to do it.

The Sunshine Fund helps the pets who come to The Animal League with injuries and illnesses that are beyond normal circumstances, just like Cookie.

We have many exciting plans for 2019.

  • A Forever Hope House to provide more comfortable living quarters for seniors and long-term shy dogs while waiting for their forever families to find them.
  • Growth of our partnership with the University of Florida’s Million Cat Challenge; a system proven to save more cats’ lives than traditional rescue methods.
  • Fencing around our Adoption Center campus so that our pets stay safe.
  • Drainage improvements for our pets in quarantine and isolation to increase sanitation.
  • Shading structures for play yards attached to kennels so dogs may enjoy the outdoors without its beating sun.
  • An on-site Adoption Center medical laboratory so we can process, diagnose, and treat pets more quickly.
  • Expansion of our canine respiratory unit so we can safely rescue and rehabilitate more dogs with contagious respiratory conditions.
  • Progression of the Susan Sherman Nursery for nursing dogs and cats and orphans.
  • Continuation of our programs such as In League with Education teaching youngsters in our community safety and respect for all living creatures.
  • Continuation of our Nourish the Needy program and Neighborhood Pet Program, providing free pet food and services for those in temporary need of assistance.

We hope you’ll continue with us on this journey as a donor and as our brand advocate.

We can do great things but only with your help!

Circle of Life Monthly Donations provide a consistent, reliable income stream, allowing us to focus more resources on our lifesaving programs and less on raising the necessary funds.

Any amount you can contribute is deeply appreciated.


Doreen Barker
President & Chairman of the Board
The Animal League


Cookie says “thank you for donating to the Sunshine Fund to help pets like me!”

Here is Cookie after her rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming from The Animal League.