Adoption Fees

For every pet, we provide rehabilitation in addition to routine health care such as up-to-date vaccines and preventatives such as heartworm and flea control.


We spay/neuter and microchip each pet and test them for leukemia/aids and heartworms. Every single one of these dogs and cats requires medical treatment ranging from $100-$5000.00 each. This medical treatment is in addition to housing, transport, feeding, and other costs associated with keeping them safe, healthy, and happy while in our care. Read more about our in-take process and our care for the animals while with us.


The average cost of care for each pet we take in is $467.00 and the average adoption fee is $148.00. We set our prices based on operating costs, pet medical costs, and fair market value. Fair market value means that when we get in a pet breed that is in high demand, we set the pricing accordingly, and these are what we call our fundraiser pets. Our fundraiser pets raise money for our Sunshine Fund and Have a Heart Fund. Read more about our pricing policies on our frequently asked questions page.


However, the majority of our pets are not designated as fundraiser pets. We would be thrilled to find you a best match pet at a regular or reduced fee if adoption costs are a concern. Pets priced well below standard prices are a part of our Forever Hope program. These pets are less likely to find homes quickly so we reduce their fee to help expedite their entry into loving homes. This fee is as low as $20 for a completely lovable and fully vetted fur-kid. The adoption fee for Forever Hope pets is reduced 50% from our standard fee.


If you’re a senior looking to adopt, please check out our reduced rates for the Senior-to-Senior Program!