The Animal League Orlando Clermont Groveland Customer Feedback

We’re Seeking Difference Makers

We often hear from visitors at our adoption center how clean the facility is, how friendly the staff are, and how happy our cats and dogs seem. All made possible by our wonderful staff and volunteers.


We’re currently seeking difference makers to join our team.  We’re not going to lie, it’s not easy. We are rescue. We work. We work hard. We clean poop constantly. We sanitize kennels and mop floors. We collect lab samples and provide critical care nursing. We consult with prospective adopters and do reference checks for all our adopted pets to ensure a ‘best match’ is made. We see some sad cases come through our doors that move us to tears.


But with our hard work comes rewards back to us tenfold. What keeps us going?


Would you like to be a part of our special rescue family?


Please help us spread the word by sharing on your social networks. Thank you!