Thankful for Second Chances

This Year We Are Thankful for Second Chances

These are just 4 of the hundreds of special-needs pets who we’ve rescued, rehabilitated, and placed into homes this year.


Timber, the Husky, had an embedded collar which required surgery to remove. She was also heartworm positive and extremely malnourished when we met her. Willy & Billy were a bonded pair of kittens. Billy had no eyes, so Willy had to see for the both of them with his one eye. Stymie the Terrier pup broke with Parvo upon arrival. Their recoveries would not have been possible without your support.


We would like to thank our friends in the community who have supported us this year by donating, volunteering, fostering, or adopting.


You have helped 1,000 dogs and cats get their second chance this year!


On behalf of all of us at The Animal League, thank you!


Please take a minute to read The Animal League’s end of year letter from our president.


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