The Animal League Helps Clermont Fire Department Station #3 with Kitten Who Traveled Under Truck


It’s firemen to the rescue once again — only this time it’s not to rescue people from burning buildings. When Fire Fighter Robert Lovvorn left his home to go to work at Clermont Station #3 yesterday, he thought the day would be like any other. But when he arrived, his co-worker Bubba Pitzer of Lake Emergency Medical Services claimed to hear something unusual coming from his truck. “He said he heard a kitten meowing,” said Fire Fighter Luke Brear. “We all chuckled because he had hit his head earlier in the day and we thought he may have hit it a little too hard,” teased Brear.

But it turns out, Bubba was right! A cute little calico kitten about 7 weeks old had traveled all the way from Orlando on a spare tire located underneath the truck. Lovvorn, Luke, Pitzer and other fire fighters, Micah Warren and Lt. Bryan Bull, jumped into action and 30 mins later, the kitten was extricated from underneath the truck safely. The men brought the kitten into their station where they gave her a bath and syringe fed her some tuna fish and water.

The kitten no longer has to worry about hitching a ride. Brear called Doreen Barker of The Animal League who came to pick up the kitten named ‘Passon’ by the crew; a term used by fire fighters who ‘pass on’ from one shift to the next. Passon is now resting in the care of a foster home and will be examined by The Animal League’s veterinarian to determine when she can go up for adoption.

“Not only are these first responders brave in the face of danger, but they also have a special place in their heart for animals,” says Barker. “We are honored to have helped with this situation which could have had a different ending had these first responders not taken the time to help this kitten. I think it is safe to say, Passon may have used up a few of her nine lives today!”

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