Leaf Sunshine Fund Recipient March 2018 from The Animal League

Happy and playful boy… needs your help

This just in…


LEAF is a 7 week old Chocolate Lab puppy. We just met him yesterday after being asked for help. He’s a happy, curious, and playful boy, just like any other Lab! However, Leaf came to us with a badly injured eye.


We rushed him to the vet, who confirmed that little Leaf has a collapsed globe and will need an enucleation, which means his eye will have to be completely removed.


This surgery, though necessary, is going to be very expensive. Please consider contributing to our Sunshine Fund​ to help us pay for Leaf’s surgery. As a 501 c (3) non-profit The Animal League receives no money from the county, government, or the taxpayers. We must fund our rescue work through fundraising.


Leaf joins over two dozen dogs and cats just this year who have required surgeries, amputations, blood transfusions, and/or long term, rehabilitative care. We believe they’re worth it!

The Sunshine Fund is an ongoing chip-in to help the dogs and cats rescued by The Animal League who have special medical needs.


Broken bones, puppies with parvo, skin diseases…all part of our everyday shelter life. With rising veterinary costs and so many pets in need, we appreciate any donation to our Sunshine Fund. Because of our generous supporters, we can help save animals that require extensive veterinary care.


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No donation amount is too small to make a difference!

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