Princess April 2018 Sunshine Fund recipient

How could we say ‘no’ to this sweet baby?

We met Princess this past weekend. We were asked last-minute if we could help her, and after one look at that beautiful face, how could we say no?


Princess came to us with an injured front leg, and multiple masses on her abdomen. Upon further examination by the vet. We were hoping for a simple dislocation in her elbow, but it turns out Princess’ injury is more complex and will require expensive surgery.


The vet also discovered that Princess has a mass in every mammary but one. An ultrasound revealed there was no metastasis in the abdomen, but further diagnostics will be completed this afternoon to determine if these masses are malignant. If they are, additional surgery may be requires to remove them. Princess is a senior dog, and we are still working with the vet to determine the best course of action.


This sweet senior dog needs your help!

Princess is one of over 50 pets who have needed the Sunshine Fund for lifesaving veterinary care JUST this year.

Dozens of other pets have received surgeries, diagnostics, transfusions, and long-term medical care thanks to this fundraiser. As The Animal League is 501(c)(3) non-profit, we do not receive any kind of government, county, or taxpayer funding. The ONLY way we are able to save these precious lives is through fundraising efforts.


Please consider making a donation to the Sunshine Fund to ensure Princess, and so many others like her, get a second chance. No amount is too small to make a difference in the life of a pet like Princess.


April 24, 2018 Update

Thanks to the generous donations of the Sunshine Fund, Princess is slowly recovering from elbow surgery. Testing revealed her tumors to be non-malignant. Princess is up for adoption, however, we are looking for the right adopter willing to commit to close monitoring of her tumors and to provide vet care when necessary. Princess is a Sunshine Fund recipient and she will be “paying it forward” as a Sunshine Fundraiser pet so that her adoption fees may help others like her who need serious medical care.

Princess Sunshine Fund Recipient Adoption Photo The Animal League Shelter in Groveland FL




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