Rosalie Died Today

Rosalie was very little when she was dumped into the woods to fend for herself. She got hookworm and hundreds of fleas. After many years and 1,000s of transport missions, The Animal League’s emergency transport van was in the shop when we got the call for a rescue mission of little Rosalie. We hustled with personal transportation to rescue her but the stress Rosalie endured was too much. RIP little girl, we never got to meet you, but loved you already.


Will you please help us find a new van? Sometimes a dealership will donate one. Even a reliable used van would be amazing and save so many lives.


Each year The Animal League completes hundreds of rescue missions.

We’ve gotten calls from organizations who want us to take an injured or pregnant pet, government agencies managing dispersement of pets from hoarders and pet abusers, and more. We can’t accept these missions without reliable transportation. After many years and 1,000s of rescue missions and transport activities, our trusted van is beyond repair.


What do we use our van for?

  • Completing rescue missions for abused, neglected, injured, and pregnant pets
  • Transporting pets while in our care for routine or emergency care
  • Giving our shelter pets a day out to events around town
  • Picking up life-saving supplies


We would be grateful if you could donate to our New Van fund.  Without transportation we can’t continue with these important activities.

Transport Stories

This poor pup was walking on a broken leg. We picked her up in our transport van. The Animal League rescued her and she is getting the care she needs.

Broken Leg Puppy



In March we completed a rescue mission of four hungry and itchy puppies who were discovered abandoned in the Ocala National Forest.




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