Carissa The Animal League dog for adoption Central Florida

Pick Me, Carissa!

Kiss kiss! CARISSA here! I’ve been at The Animal League since February 2016.

I’ve been through a lot in my life, and I’m ready to find my family! When I first arrived, I was very confused and scared. I was severely dehydrated, malnourished, and I had very bad heartworms. In fact, my heartworms were so severe, that my friends at The Animal League thought I was pregnant due to all the fluid that had built up in my chest and abdominal cavity. I weighed over 80 lbs., about 15 lbs. of that was fluid, if you can imagine!

No time was wasted getting me treated! I am now clear of heartworms! The vet says my quality of life should not be impacted. I was lucky, not every dog is so lucky. It only takes one teeny tiny mosquito to infect a dog with heartworms. The only way to prevent it is to keep dogs on a monthly preventative.

Despite all of my medical bills, I have a special, reduced adoption fee to help find me a home!

In the past few months, I have come out of my shell! I am a happy girl who loves to run around the play yard. I am friendly with other dogs, as long as they are my size… I confuse the littler ones with toys and sometimes can be a little too rough (I promise, I’m not being mean, I just forget how strong I am).

I am a great leash-walker! I would love to go on long walks down a shady lane – or maybe even at the beach! I’m about 5 years old, and while I’m not hyper like a young puppy, I certainly have pep and endurance.

I’ve come a long way, from almost dying to chasing butterflies in the play yard. The last step in my transformation is finding a loving family to take me in. I know it’s easy to pass me by in favor of cute, fluffy puppies, but hounds like me often get overlooked for months, or even years because we aren’t as flashy. But ask any hound parent, and they will tell you we are amazing, loyal, loving companions! Let me prove it to you!



DOB/AGE: 2-7-2011
BREED: Harrier Blend
SIZE(GROWN): 60-65#
GENDER: Female

This pet prefers a home with no small animals.

I am a Forever Hope reduced-fee pet. Our Forever Hope Program is for pets who have been with us for a longer time than other pets. Some have special needs or are seniors. Our goal is to find these pets forever homes.

If you are traveling to our adoption center to see a particular pet, please do call us to verify the pet is still with us. Thank you!


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