petition to pave baptist island road

Petition to Pave Baptist Island Road

 The Animal League’s 22-acre adoption center campus is located in Groveland, Florida on Baptist Island Road.

Baptist Island road is unpaved.

Like our employees and volunteers, if you’ve visited us at The Animal League adoption center, you may have had to navigate around bumps and pot holes, feeling a bit like this:


Although the City does its best to maintain the road, what is really needed is a paved road, so that drivers feel a bit more like this:


We are actively seeking support of our community to get Baptist Island Road paved. This will allow all of our employees, volunteers, and guests (for not only us, but for all of the businesses and residents on this road), to have safer driving experiences!



Sign the petition below and we will let the City of Groveland know of your support!

We will never use your information you provide for any other purpose.


Petition to Pave Baptist Island Road

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