Neutron saved by Sunshine Fund

Ahoy Mateys, Captain NEUTRON checking in!

As many of you are aware, I found my dream home a couple weeks back. My story reached over 8,275 people, and was shared 90 times! WOW – I am a famous pirate doggy!

My friends at the Animal League were flooded with feedback and inquiries about me and all the work they do for dogs and cats in the community. Most of the responses were paw-sitive and helpful, but there were a few people who were confused as to why The Animal League designates some of their most popular pets as “fundraisers.” Some people were actually really mean and said unkind things about my friends! I wanted to take a few minutes to tell you where my fundraiser fee, and other Sunshine Fund donations go!

The dog on the left is ME!!! Can you believe it! When I first arrived, I was mangy, matted, a little stinky, and as you can see, my right eye was in a very bad way. I received around the clock care from the dedicated Animal Care staff and volunteers, I saw a paw-some vet multiple times, and I got a spiffy new haircut courtesy of my friends at Loving Hands Grooming! None of this was free, however. It cost thousands of dollars to get me looking and feeling decent.

As many of you know, The Animal League is a 501 c(3) non-profit. This means they receive ZERO monies from the government, the taxpayers, or the county. Every pet is spayed/neutered, given their age-appropriate vaccines and preventative care, and receives a registered microchip upon intake. The average cost per pet taken in is over $450. Of course, costs skyrocket when pets who are injured or sick (like me!) come through their doors. A standard adoption fee is well under the $450 cost to vet!

In order to continue saving lives like mine, The Animal League has two special fundraisers: the Have-A-Heart Fund and the Sunshine Fund. The HAH Fund helps pay for heartworm treatment, which can cost between $400 and $1200, and the Sunshine Fund pays for surgeries, diagnostics, and long-term care for pets like me.

You see, by asking a little more for the most popular pets, dogs and cats like me can transform into happy, healthy, and perfect pets! We almost never arrive as polished as our photos might suggest, and those additional fundraiser donations quite literally are the difference between life and death for pets like me!