The Animal League reaches 10,000 Facebook likes!

Marshmallow helps us hit 10,000 Facebook likes!

We did it! This week we officially reached 10,000 Facebook likes (and climbing)! Thank you to all our supporters, fans, adopters, volunteers, employees, and donors who make our mission possible. Our Facebook star this year was certainly a little fellow named Marshmallow who touched our hearts and made us feel warm and fuzzy. Marshmallow’s Facebook post garnered much attention: more than 37,000 views, almost 1,000 likes, almost 300 shares, and nearly 150 comments. Marshmallow was hard to resist. We understand. Look at this face!


Marshmallow helps us reach 10,000 Facebook likesMarshmallow is smart, and quite articulate too. Although he’s already been adopted, we’d like to share with you a few things he had to tell his new family…they are great tips for ANY family adopting a puppy:


  •  I would like to sleep in your bed with you or at least in the same room. I want to be with my family!
  • I’m really good and sleep almost all night. Just take me out as soon as I wake, I have a tiny bladder! When I need to pee I need to “right now mom, hurry”! Um… once in a while that’s 3:30 AM (sorry)!
  • I get the hiccups sometimes, it’s kind of adorable.
  • I love to be by your side; as soon as you stop moving I will sleep on your feet. I will get in your path a lot. Please be careful, I am small!
  • I am a big kid, I will tell you when I need to go out. I sniff the floor, walk in circles and sometimes cry. If you pay attention to my cues I will be happy and you will too!
  • I do a pee then a poo then another poo in that order.
  • I am still a baby, I don’t like being alone too long. Four hours is forever! I’m better in a playpen with a piddle pad, toys, and water (if you must leave me) than a boring crate. Although some other puppies need the crate training.
  • Please remember crates are for house training until puppies learn not to chew dangerous things and to piddle outside, not for punishing or for grown up dogs to be locked in.
  • Four hours is the looongest I can wait to go pee!
  • Just warning you…you are going to miss me when you’re not with me! And I’ll miss you, you are my WHOLE world.

I want to live with you forever! Please do not adopt me unless you will always love me no matter what happens. Promise me?

  • I’m teething, my gums hurt! Please get me those soft baby Kong-type toys and keep me away from tempting wires and plants that will hurt me.
  • I’m going to make boo boos. Everything is new to me! Please use gentle words and never hit or scare me.
  • If I chew your slipper tell me no and give me a chew toy. I’ll “get” it eventually, please give me time to learn. I’m smart!
  • I’m a huge snuggle bunny. I will crawl in your lap for my naps. I like to be held and will give you kisses that tickle.
  • I’m very impressionable. Things that happen to me while a puppy will mark me for life. It’s called “imprinting”. If a little human falls on me I may be afraid of kids forever! That would be awful! If I hear a loud noise while you’re clipping my nails I’ll never forget that.
  • I sometimes have stinky farts that surprise me! I turn around fast but their gone!
  • About the farts…my tummy is sensitive. Changing food too fast will give me a really bad belly ache
  • I will not be fully protected from scary disease till all my puppy shots are done at 4 months old. Please don’t put me on the ground where lots of dogs have been. There is something super scary that I can get if just one mosquito bites me! It’s called Heartworm! That’s actually worms in my HEART! Gross! Please promise to give me a monthly pill my whole life so that won’t happen to me. Please! Did I say GROSS!?
  • I am a rock star and did a Coca Cola commercial (in my head).


I Love You Already,


PS: Here’s my video montage!