Lucky was rescued by The Animal League

Lucky is One Lucky Boy

At 10 months old Lucky was found lifeless and emaciated on the side of the road by a Good Samaritan as she was on her way to work one very early morning. Lucky was hit by a car and left to die. The Animal League came to the rescue.


Upon arrival, our intake team found Lucky was heavily bruised and full of abrasions. He was also loaded with hookworms making him severely anemic. Pretty quickly we noticed that Lucky was overly lethargic so we conducted additional medical testing.


Lucky before surgery
Lucky Before Surgery


Although Lucky’s blood work came back normal, fluids in his stomach were perplexing upon testing, and indicative of a bigger problem.


So off to Gainesville Lucky went…


A volunteer rushed him to a specialist, more than 100 miles away for further diagnostics. Testing showed life-threatening damage and surgery was necessary.


Surgery revealed major internal issues…

The medical team found that the car’s hit to Lucky pushed and smooshed all of his internal organs to one small section of his internal cavity. And where organs should have been, abnormal fluid had filled his belly. Lucky also had two liver lacerations, which alone would have caused eventual death.



Lucky after surgery
Lucky After Surgery


Lucky after surgery
Lucky After Surgery


Surgery also revealed scar tissue on Lucky’s intestines. It was too risky to remove it so we tried medication to stop the growth of the scar tissue, but it made Lucky sick.


We were able to pay for Lucky’s medical bills thanks to your generation donations to the Sunshine Fund, and we are truly grateful!


After surgery Lucky spent time recovering with his foster mom who provided him with a lot of love and care.



Lucky’s foster mom writes:


“He was and still is the most loving animal I have ever been around. He hugs you. He loves everyone. He is very smart. He is good on a leash, stays (most of the time) and sits. He would love to eat all the time. He is mostly potty trained, but if left inside for the day he uses puppy pads. Some of the meds made him sick, but it never stopped him. He loves walks and people. He is nosey and curious. I think he really appreciates his second chance!”


Lucky is looking good!


In all, Lucky’s medical bills have now surpassed $6,000.


Lucky’s medical treatment was made possible thanks to the many generous donations to our Sunshine Fund.


Lucky is currently ready for adoption!


Because of the scar tissue on his intestines, he’ll need to be on a special low fat diet for the rest of his life. He’ll also need an ultrasound about every year to check on the scar tissue growth (it can become painful). You can find conversation about Lucky and his adoption photo on The Animal League Facebook page and he is also listed on our adoptables website page.