Left to die. McGee is fighting for her life.

Looking at her, you wouldn’t know that it was McGee’s lucky day. This sweet Boston Terrier, now named McGee, was found on January 7th on the side of a road in a crate by a few compassionate construction workers. It is clear that whoever left McGee behind, left her to die.


Maggots infested her feces ridden crate. She was left behind with nothing but some towels and a toy—also covered in filth and excrement. McGee is fighting for her life. We know the road for her is long. She wants to live. And we are doing everything we can to make that happen. Read more about McGee here.


This is what we do.  We are rescue.


Anyone with information that might help investigators with McGee’s case is encouraged to contact Lake County Animal Services at (352) 343-9688.


Other urgent cases include Salem, who was shot in the head and buried alive… read her story here. Also please see our list of other pets needing assistance.

McGee Update (1/09/16)

Update on sweet McGee. She is having a rough day. Her temperature is low again, she is depressed and did not want to eat. She also threw up and had some loose stool. She received anti-nausea medicine, another warm bath for her skin infection, more injectable antibiotics and fluids. Keep you paws crossed and the good thoughts coming that our sweet little girl hangs in there. Thank you all for donating and sharing her story. It really does help to know you all are routing for her too.

McGee Update (1/10/16)

It is with very heavy hearts that we let you all know that McGee passed away. We all tried our hardest and provided the best care we could, but her little body couldn’t handle it. We are truly heartbroken and are trying to take comfort in knowing that she finally felt clean, warm, loved and safe from the abuse she sustained. We hope that someone comes forward to turn in whoever left McGee behind so this doesn’t happen again. Thank you all for donating, caring and sharing her story. It has been a very hard week for us but thank you for being there to help us through it.

mcgee bath