kittens from The Animal League No-Kill Animal Rescue in Central Florida

Kittens are not trash


Left on side of the road in a bucket of garbage this morning, these innocent babies would have died a horrible death of dehydration in the scorching Florida sun. We are absolutely sickened over the lack of sense and compassion every time we are faced with this. There are always other options! PLEASE support us in our mission to educate, rescue, rehab and find truly loving homes for unwanted pets. We save over 100 pets in need every single month!

Funding is extremely low right now due do some unforeseen repairs at our shelter totaling over $60,000.

PLEASE friends, consider a donation in any amount or a monthly contribution to help them. WE CAN NOT CONTINUE TO SAVE THEM WITHOUT YOUR SUPPORT. Thank you for always being there for these innocent pets.

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These fortunate kittens we were asked to take never arrived as the good Samaritan who found them had additional offers nearby. Kudos to all of those who helped!

There is rarely a break from these calls. For rescues, calls to help abandoned and unwanted kittens are a daily occurrence this time of year.

NINETY (90) KITTENS are being cared for by our staff and volunteers right now along with many sweet momma cats. They are precious each one and unfortunately they ALL have a sad story. This year we have taken in senior and disabled cats who were left behind when their owners passed and the family could not keep. We have taken in kittens found in car engines, mowers, warehouses, junkyards and too frequently at our door. All of these we rehabilitated and re-homed or are waiting for families.

In the first half of this year, we have taken in over 200 abandoned felines and 652 canines. The latest arrival – a litter of tiny 2 week old kittens, their sad little faces looking up at us from a box. They arrived with no mom and are being bottle fed.

PLEASE as always, encourage your friends and neighbors to spay and neuter their pets and never ever abandon them. Humankind has domesticated dogs and cats and they are NOT better off in the woods or ‘free’. They are like children and can not fend for themselves but instead suffer horribly.

Thank you again for your loving hearts. Together we CAN make a difference!

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