Caring for Kendrick


1/15/2017 10:00 am: UPDATE: Sadly, despite all our best care and love, Kendrick has passed away to the Rainbow Bridge. His immune system wasn’t strong enough to withstand the deadly parvo virus. We thank you all for your donations and prayers. We have another adult dog who came to us with Parvo as well last week and will use your contributions to pay it forward to his care. We are heartbroken but truly appreciate the care from our community as we tried our hardest to save this sweet puppy. 


Kendrick, the 8-month-old pitbull mix who was stolen from Lake County Animal Services and then was recovered, is adding another dramatic chapter to his saga: He has parvovirus.

The Animal League was contacted by Lake County Sheriff’s Office Animal Services on January 10th where they asked for The Animal League’s assistance to treat Kendrick as he has since tested positive for Parvovirus, a highly contagious viral illness that affects dogs.

The Animal League is currently treating Kendrick in our Loos Recovery Center, an isolated treatment area at The Animal League Adoption Center in Groveland. Many shelters are not able to treat dogs with this condition and have to euthanize due to the contagious aspect of the disease, but The Animal League has a unique medical division where they can isolate and treat ailing puppies and dogs. Staff is working diligently making sure Kendrick receives proper medical care, with his prognosis still unclear as Parvo is a highly unpredictable virus.

Treating pets with Parvo is a costly expense of around-the-clock care, IV Fluids, medications and antibiotics; especially for a non-profit rescue.

To make a donation to Kendrick’s care, please click here to donate to our Sunshine Fund.

To read more about Parvo and how it affects pets, please click here to visit the AVMA’s website.

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