Lightening from The Animal League, Orlando no-kill animal shelter.

I’m Lightening and I love you!


Hi there! I’m LIGHTENING! I first arrived at The Animal League in May 2016.

When I first arrived I was emaciated. I had been starved. You could see every rib and every inch of my spine. See my ‘before’ pics here. My friends at The Animal League think I had even started to eat rocks, based on the wear on some of my teeth. I weighed less than 35 lbs. when I first met my new friends. To give you some perspective, a healthy female Labrador should weigh between 60-90 lbs. I’m still thin, but I’m headed toward a healthy weight! Lots of love, plenty of cookies, and as much food as I want are definitely helping!


[ Update! Lightening has been adopted, yay! See his Happy Tails picture on Facebook ->> ]


In addition to being so thin, I am suffering from deadly heartworm disease. I am waiting to gain a little bit more weight before I begin my lifesaving treatment. It’s going to be expensive and hard on my body, but if I want to live a full and happy life with a loving family, I will have to be brave. Did you know that you could buy SEVEN years’ worth of heartworm preventative for less than what it costs to treat heartworm disease one time?!

I’ve had a rough life. I’ve been starved, I have worms growing inside and around my heart, I recently recovered from a serious bout of kennel cough, and I had so many flea bites that I had hair loss around my ears and face. I know I’m not a young and flashy puppy, but I think I deserve a home just as much! I haven’t let my hardships dampen my spirit. I am still a lovable and goofy yellow Lab. I make good friends with other dogs and with people.

I really love my friends here who saved my life and who are so kind to me. They tell me every day how special I am, and they tell me all sorts of stories about what life is like in a home! I hope you will consider adding me to yours, I promise, I won’t let you down!



DOB/AGE: 5-13-2011
SIZE (GROWN): 55-60#
GENDER: Female




If you are traveling to our adoption center to see a particular pet, please do call us to verify the pet is still with us. Thank you!


About Heartworm

Florida, Georgia and several others are RED FLAG states for heartworm disease. A disease that is expensive and painful to fix but very easy to prevent. Please make sure your giving your dog a simple monthly preventive!

Have A Heart Recovery Fund

Heartworm disease is a serious disease that results in severe lung disease, heart failure, other organ damage, and death in pets. Heartworm disease is not contagious, meaning that a dog cannot catch the disease from being near an infected dog. Heartworm disease is only spread through the bite of a mosquito. Dogs we bring in from high-euthanasia rate shelters often have heartworm disease.

Every one of these loving furry faces was saved from a deadly disease! Hooray! We want to make sure that your own pet is not at risk. The disease is caused by one single mosquito bite!

All of these dogs were treated for heartworm by The Animal League in 2015.
All of these dogs were treated for heartworm by The Animal League in 2015.


The cost to treat each pet can range from $500-$800 each pet. It’s easy to help these dogs affected by the disease: donate to the Heat Worm Fund by PayPal today! View our current fund recipients on Facebook.


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