If You Have Lost Your Pet

Start searching immediately! Notify neighbors that your pet is missing. Get a friend to help you search your neighborhood. Talk to everyone you meet, and be sure to leave a flyer with them. Get the neighborhood children involved – kids are great at finding lost pets.
Hang flyers everywhere – stores, gas stations, schools, the Post Office, veterinarian offices – anywhere someone will let you post one. Be sure to include a color photo of your pet, as well as a description. Leave out one identifying mark or characteristic so that is someone calls you can verify that the person has your pet. Include a telephone number, but not your name and address. Don’t forget to give a flyer to the workers and delivery people in your area – the UPS driver, the mail carrier, utility workers – they travel all over and may have seen your pet. Offer a reward, but don’t state the amount.
Go in person to your local animal shelter DAILY and search for your pet. Be sure to ask to see the animals in isolation. Lake County Animal Services is located in Tavares (off CR 561). Their telephone number is 352-343-9688.
Run a LostPet ad in the Orlando Sentinel and any local newspapers. Don’t forget to check their Found Pet ads daily.

Run a Lost Pet ad on www.craigslist.com,www.pets911.com,www.petfinder.com, www.dogdetective.com, www.petharbor.com. Include the same information as you would on a Lost Pet flyer.

Send an email to lostpet@slal.org   Include the following:

  • Type & Name of pet (i.e., cat, Bosco)
  • Description (breed, age, weight, male/female, coloring, markings, etc.)
  • Date and location where lost (include cross streets, subdivision name, etc.)
  • Your name, address, and telephone number if we need to contact you

We will keep this information on file in case someone contacts us about a found animal.

Don’t give up! Pets have been known to find their way home months after they are lost.