If You Have Found An Animal

Check with neighbors to see if anyone recognizes the animal.

Take the animal to a veterinarian to be scanned for a microchip. This is done for free.

If the animal has a Rabies tag, call the vet office listed so they can contact the owner.
Post Found Pet flyers in the area where the animal was found. Don’t forget to post them at your local vet offices, area stores, etc. Leave off one piece of information so if anyone responds to the flyer you can check to see if the animal is theirs. Ask them to show you a photo of the animal or some other proof that they are the legal owner.
Contact animal control in the county where the animal was found to see if someone is looking for the animal. In Lake County the telephone number is 352-343-9688. Also contact neighboring county shelters. Don’t forget to post a flyer on their bulletin boards.

Run a Found Pet ad in the Orlando Sentinel (it’s free). See their website for more information.

Run a Found Pet ad on craigslist.com. Include the same information as you would on a Found Pet flyer.

Send an email to foundpet@slal.org. Include the following:

  • Type of animal
  • Description (breed, age, weight, male/female, coloring, markings, etc.)
  • Date and location where found (include cross streets, subdivision name, etc.)
  • Your name, address, and telephone number if we need to contact you
  • We will keep this information on file in case someone calls looking for their pet.