$h!t happens…but geez!

Superman is a cutie pie that came to us with parvo, a viral disease that attacks the immune system of puppies and dogs. He is recovering in our intensive care isolation area and he is asking for your help…

Yesterday we got some bad news about our septic tank.

It appears some nearby trees have been growing their roots directly into our septic tank! Yikes!

To repair this damage, we will have to dig up and replace our existing drain field.

Unfortunately, this is VERY expensive and we need to raise $21,000 to fix this stinky situation. OUCH!

So, while it isn’t glamorous, a septic tank is very necessary to our operations and we need your help!

You have seen the lives we save every day, including Superman, and your donation means we won’t have to stop rescuing pets because of these expenses.

Please help offset the cost of these repairs by making a tax-deductible donation today. Any amount will help us!