Hope for Little Man and Benjamin

Dirty water, little shelter, sparse food and worst of all, no one to love them…

This litlittlemantle senior Chihuahua was left to fend for himself when his owner went to jail. Neighbors fed him scraps for 6 months before someone finally called the local animal control.

Wandering day after day in search of his family at a fish camp, this poor dog did not know or understand he had been abandoned. For weeks he would look up at people passing by with hope in his eyes. As the days passed, he grew hungry, matted and tired. The hope faded from his eyes. His steps slowed down…Finally someone noticed and called the local county animal control. He sits there now waiting for rescue and his time is running out.

We truly need your help in order for us to take in these homeless pets and “Little Mam” and “Benjamin” as they are now known, are currently in urgent need at a County shelter that has no option but to euthanize due to space constraints.

Let’s join forces to give these two dogs a happy ending.

We are 28 years strong in saving the lives of dogs and cats. Last year we rescued and rehabilitated over 1,200 pets. This year we had some unexpected expenses at the shelter including the septic failing, our van breaking down and our play yards requiring cement surfacing to keep our pets healthy.

benjaminThe Animal League has always taken in the abandoned, abused and neglected. Any pet that comes to us with heartworm disease is rehabilitated with life-saving medications; despite the enormous expense to treat this deadly disease. We never leave behind the nursing momma dog who arrives with her litter of many puppies. Each pet on average costs us $437 to rehabilitate to the point of great health and full veterinary care. Sometimes–many times–this number is greater…

We would like to save Little Man and Benjamin, but will need the funds to do so. Thank you for helping us be their voice. They cannot be saved without your help…

Please donate to Little Man and to Benjamin today. You can make a difference.