A Christmas Poem by The Animal League

Dear Santa Paws…

Enjoy this poem written by our very own staff!


Dear Santa Paws, all we want this year
Is a family to love and one to hold dear.

A happy home to call our very own,
Some catnip and maybe even a bone!

Once upon a time, we each had one you know,
Now they are gone, and our spirits are low.

These nice shelter folks show kindness and love,
We know they are angels, sent from above.

Though we are many, they know each of our names,
They always find time for snuggles and games!

Our kennels are comfy, warm, clean, and dry,
Still longing for families, sometimes we cry.

None of us go hungry, we are always well-fed,
We dream of our families while we lie in our bed.

Please, Santa Paws, we promise to be good!
These kind shelter folks have done all that they could!

They promised us homes, and families, and fun,
They told us our waiting was soon to be done!

It’s almost Christmas, and so many remain,
The old and the shy, the quiet and plain.

We are loyal and loving, and deserving, and kind,
We are the best companions that you’ll ever find.

Come spend a moment by our kennels or two,
You’ll surely see how we are perfect for you!

Dear Santa Paws, we know it’s the season,
Of giving and kindness, and with good reason!

We may find homes, but more still will come,
Lost souls, sad eyes, and low spirits glum,

The Animal League’s work is so far from over!
The sick and the weary, they help them recover,

But they need help with the bills that accrue,
Santa Paws, there must be something to do!

Please consider giving, to our friends in need,
Surely there can be no greater deed.

You’ll help to save those without a voice,
Losing our families wasn’t our choice.

Know that every donation, big or small,
Will help us find homes, one and all!


Christmas Poem by The Animal League