Companions for Courage



Companions for Courage (CFC) is a group of volunteers and their team of Certified Therapy Dogs who work with the Lake, Orange and Sumter County Courthouse and Juvenile Justice Programs.

The dogs provide courage and companionship to children who must give difficult testimony in the courtroom or deposition; assist in counseling sessions; or other traumatic situations such as death, abuse, illness or a loss. Many times a child has to walk into a courtroom alone and testify in the same room as their accuser or recall painful details of their traumatic experience in front of strangers. The therapy dogs provide a source of comfort to children and often give them the courage to testify.

CFC Handlers are professionals who have been working with their therapy dogs for at least two years prior to becoming Companion for Courage Dogs. Handlers are required to complete a background check and fingerprint checks before being accepted into Companions for Courage. Services can be requested by a lawyer, a counselor, law enforcement, DCF, or any other judicial agency.

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