Angel’s Journey

The timid tan and white retriever blend was known by all the employees at a gas station.

They would coax her over and hand feed her scraps before she would leave again.

They talked to fellow Animal League rescuers about helping and it was the start of a journey…

The two rescuers spotted her from a distance. They sat, coaxed her over, fed her some snacks and spent some time talking to her; gaining her trust.

But as the dog started to leave, she looked back over her shoulder…

Then, as if making a decision, she trotted back and stared. More treats? Sure. What else?

The rescuers could tell the dog had recently had puppies so when the dog started off again they followed her.

IMG_5193  IMG_5197

The dog went slow enough for her friends to follow. Together they traveled more than a mile over railroads tracks, through parking lots, into a junkyard through the twisted trail! Finally, after trudging through scary junk piles and dense prickly shrubbery, a little white baby could be seen lying under the rubble. Then another… and another!

IMG_9006    IMG_9012

The dog, named Angel by her rescuers, showed the rescuers her beautiful family of seven chubby puppies.


After telling Angel how brave and smart she was along with some well-deserved hugs and kisses, the rescuers immediately transported the family to the veterinarian while calling The Animal League to see if they could help.

The vet examined Angel and determined that she was indeed malnourished. Her two-week-old puppies were flea and hookworm infested with some raspy breathing as well.

The Animal League Woof (Wings of Freedom) Transport Team jumped into place to arrange a lift back to a foster home.

Angel and her babies are now resting comfortably and have started on antibiotics and de-wormers. Angel craves the company of her foster mom and is extremely sweet and docile.

How she ended up alone fending for herself we may never know but we do know she and her pups will now have a brighter future thanks to the attendants at the gas station who looked out for her, her first response rescuers, the kind vet who fit her in a busy schedule, The Animal League team and all of the forever families who adopted them.IMG_9009


100% of your donations go toward the care of our pets, just like Angel and her puppies.

Together we can make a difference.