Angels All Around Us: A Special Message From Our President

Every day is special to us at the shelter. We are so glad to see every visitor and grateful that they have chosen to seek out a rescue pet.


Dec 24 post_sad dog

Some days are…extraordinary…

From time to time, a special someone will stroll in…

They do not look any different.

We smile and welcome them…

They walk the kennels quietly or visit our cat cottage.

They do this slowly as if searching but with no urgency at all.

Then they just stop…

“Can we help you?” we ask.

They reply, “This one…this sweet soul…can you tell me his story?”



When a person comes into our shelter and looks into the eyes of a ‘special needs’ pet our hearts jump in our chests.

We all glance at each other…is it possible?

Will he or she finally get to go home and be loved?

We don’t talk about it, we shake it off. No sense getting hopes up. It is so rare…

But is it??


Just this month of December, the following “hard to adopt” yet loving and sweet pets have found a family to love them at last! These are pets who have difficulty finding forever homes due to disability, breed bias, age or ailment.


Spot, a cat that has been at SLAL since he was a kitten with a chronic medical condition, found his forever home four years later. He will be able to pal around with Prince, a handsome cat who is FIV positive, in their new forever home.

Spot, Prince, and New Family
Spot, Prince, and New Family

Auto, a senior scruffy terrier dog with permanent scaring from junkyard burns, is cuddled up under a Christmas tree tonight.

Blessing, a sweet Pit bull with zero hope in a County shelter and Lucky, a mix rejected often due to a misunderstood breed both found their forever families.

Blessing and New Family
Blessing and New Family

Phillip and Mica, two puppies with permanent neurological disorders, along with Poppi, a one-eyed shih-tzu, not only have a home, but have each other in their new home.

Gretzky, the puppy thrown over a fence with his back feet severed requiring prosthesis, is snuggling with two little girls tonight.

Chewy, the little Chihuahua with the compounded broken leg requiring extensive surgery, is bouncing through his home playing.

Sabina, a tiny senior dachshund with an enlarged heart, is enjoying love and cuddles in her new home.

Twinkle, the Chihuahua who came to us with a broken jaw, puncture wound and one good eye, is now home with a wonderful previous adopter.

Twinkle and New Family
Twinkle and New Family

Ella, a blind senior poodle, is safe on her new mom’s lap.

Oscar, a big softie who acted scary, often discouraging any potential families away for years, until his special someone came this month.

Nickels, Snowball, Apollo, Jack-O, Kettle, Don, Baa, Winter, Canyon all came to us with deadly heartworms. All have been cured and found homes this month.  125 dogs were treated for heartworm this year!


All of these special needs pets were adopted just the month of December and there have been hundreds more wonderful happy endings all year long!

Auto when he arrived at The Animal League
Auto when he arrived at The Animal League

Many pets come in with other woes. They have been abandoned, lost, neglected or abused. They come in furless, matted, emaciated and depressed. But despite their past troubles they have the desire and ability to bounce back and be well adjusted loving pets. It is easy to forget this because of all of the beautiful pets we have here at The Animal League. Weeks and sometimes months of tender loving care is given prior to you seeing their happy faces. This is what we do. We are a RESCUE!

Faith when She Arrived At The Animal League
Faith when she arrived at The Animal League


Faith after her groom and all ready for adoption!
Faith after her groom and ready for adoption!

So, thank you for supporting us by adoption of any rescue pet, by volunteering, by sharing our photos, by spreading the word, and by donating. You doing so allows us to repair their injuries and soothe their frightened hearts making them whole again.


Thank you to those of you who open your hearts to these special needs pets. You are special souls.


You are ALL part of our rescue family and we love that you are with us on this journey to making this a better world for pets and their people.  Together we make a difference!


Happy holidays to you and your furry family,

Doreen Barker


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