The Animal League Original Series - Abandoned Part 1

Abandoned – Part 1: Dogs on Arrival

Join us behind the scenes in our new web series, Abandoned.

Have you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes in animal rescue?

In our new behind the scenes series, Abandoned, we’re going to show you the intense rescue work required to transform pets into the healthy, smiling, adoptable dogs and cats we ultimately post for adoption. We are bringing you along for the ride. Don’t worry, there are a lot of happy endings or more appropriately called, joyous new beginnings!


The Abandoned series follows the rehabilitation and rehoming of many dogs we rescued from an elderly woman who died. There were over 45 abandoned dogs on the property in this tragic hoarding case, all of which were rescued with the help of several participating organizations. The Animal League took in as many as we could provide space to and afford to rehabilitate. The dogs we were able to take in range from small Corgis to larger hounds. Our staff are on their toes with all the medical care and behavioral work they will entail.


We are so thankful for our Sunshine Fund, which allows us to stay agile and swift in our ability to rescue and rehabilitate urgent cases.

Watch Abandoned: Part 1: Dogs on Arrival

Abandoned from The Animal League on Vimeo.


Stay tuned for more Abandoned episodes.


To keep us on the move with intakes, please donate to the Sunshine Fund.

To keep us on the move with intakes, please consider donating $5, $10 or more to help more pets through their medical rehabilitation.


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