The Animal League Rehabilitates Sunbeam: A Sunshine Fund Success Story!

Sunbeam’s Story 
June 2014 we took in a small young border collie from Lake County Animal Services. The dog had been abused by someone and was extremely afraid of men.  She was completely covered in open sores, infection and was furless on her entire face, head, neck and legs. SUNBEAM is what we called her because one day we knew she would truly shine! But it took many weeks “in the back” where we loved her, gained her trust, bathed her wounded and infected skin, and planned her recovery with veterinarians. Weeks later she recovered, our volunteer photographer came out to prepare her adoption photo, and then she was introduced to the world again. At that time, Sunbeam looked fabulous and regained confidence. This is what we do.

We do not post photos of our dogs and cats when they arrive. Most people have enough of their own worries and life trials and would understandably prefer not to see them.  Medical rehabilitation is not cheap. The average cost for us per pet is $367.00. Because we have increased the number of heartworm positive dogs we take in (a cost of $400-$800 per heartworm treatment) that number is now even higher.

Every single happy adoptable pet you see has a story. You hare helping us to save their lives when you SHARE our adoption posts  and when you ADOPT them. Thank you so much for adopting, donating, volunteering…and thank you for caring and sharing!