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Dear Friend,

What a year 2020 has been for us all. We sincerely hope this letter finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe during these challenging times.


Despite the Pandemic, The Animal League has continued to take in abandoned, abused, and neglected dogs and cats. We continue to rehabilitate them and find them loving homes once they are ready. During this time of financial insecurity for so many families, we are grateful for our ability to continue providing, quite literally, tons of pet food for those in need, as well as providing low-cost veterinary services for our community. In addition, we have also found ways to safely continue with humane education and spread the word regarding the tragedy of homeless pets. Your support this year has meant more than ever. Will continue your support and donate today? None of what we do is possible without you!


Did you know? We are often asked, “Where do all of your ill, injured, and homeless dogs and cats come from?”


The Animal League saves pets from high-euthanasia, rural shelters. We go where we are needed the most and we do not shy away from severe injuries or illnesses.


Our mission, after all, is to help the abandoned, neglected and abused. This year, hundreds of pets came through our doors, many with serious injuries and diseases.


Here Are Just a few of Our Rescue Stories from 2020.

(We promised you exciting news! Keep reading!)


This little guy, Reggie, has been with us since early December.


Reggie Rare Immune Malfunction Disorder


Reggie and his sister came to us with puppy strangles. This is a result of a rare immune malfunction. The skin, especially on the face, becomes infected with deep sores. These sores can become so involved that they reach the lymph nodes of the neck. Without your help, Reggie and his sister would not be getting the love and care they need. With your support, both Reggie and his sister are on the mend.


Recently, we received a call for help regarding a hoarding case, in which breeding got out of control in a home.


Hoarding kitten in hand very ill


All of the cats we took in were very ill with herpes virus, a respiratory disease. It can cause permanent damage if left untreated.


Hoarding kitten with eye damage


Herpes virus can cause permanent damage if left untreated.


Hoarding kitten herpes virus saved by The Animal League


With the help of many, all of the 10 we rescued were nursed back to health and they are now finding loving homes, just in time for the holidays!


You may have seen this emaciated girl, Autumn, on our Facebook page. She came to us weighing just 28 pounds in November.


Autumn extremely emaciated


This sweet hound is twice that weight now. Just look at her!


Autumn rehabilitated by The Animal League


We want to continue this lifesaving work, but we can only do it with your help!

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Not to be forgotten are the seniors

These loving pets who have lost their homes during, what should be, their golden years are some of the most heartbreaking. We spotted this sweet girl in a rural, underserved shelter this year.


Senior dog named Beautiful


She was stuck there without our help: not only because of her age, but also because she could barely stand. She was emaciated with rheumy eyes and skin lesions.


Beautiful's lesions
We named her Beautiful.


Beautiful has a beautiful new family to love her
After many months of rehab with us, Beautiful was adopted by a wonderful family with a little girl of her very own to cuddle with.


Mugsy came to us this past summer as a tiny 4-week-old with an injury to his back legs.


Mugsy puppy with severe leg wound


The nature of this injury leads us to believe that he had been tied and hanged by them. The pressure was so severe that the rope bit down to the bone.


Happy, fluffy, puppy faces are a common sight across our social media. Despite these adorable photos, many of our puppies do not come to us happy and healthy. We nurse them back to health, just like Mugsy.


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This litter was found hiding in a tortoise burrow. Their little eyes peeked out in fear hoping that someone cared.



They were covered in parasites, dehydrated, and sickly when we met them. After a month of round-the-clock care, all are now plump and in happy homes.


This is just a small glimpse of what we do. There have been thousands of rescues over the last 32 years.

We want to continue this lifesaving work, but we can only do it with your help. 

The Animal League Has Had Exciting and Positive Changes This Year.


During the Pandemic, not only did we continue to save lives, but also we accomplished so much more!


Our shelter renovations, along with the Pandemic, resulted in a temporary reduction of pets kept at the shelter, and thanks to kind hearts, more in foster care. The extra time and reduction in expenditures gave us the opportunity to complete kennel renovations, make needed repairs, and beautify our 20 acres facility: read more about some of these projects further on. Thank you, volunteers! You are truly the backbone of what we do!


This challenging time also led to some positive restructuring at the shelter. We designed ways to be more efficient, and have brought in talented, caring individuals including a new shelter manager. We are thrilled with all the fresh ideas and enthusiasm they bring toward saving lives!


Despite the challenges, we saved more lives per expenditure this year than 2019 due to an increase in volunteer help and an efficient staff!


Adoption Center Improvements in 2020

We simply can’t wait to have you come out and tour the facility when it is safe to do so!
We are excited to announce an “Open House” in the works. To make sure we’re keeping everyone safe, we will be offering hourly tours with social distancing and other safety precautions. Keep an eye out for that announcement in the coming weeks.


We are very proud of our updated facility. Here are a few of the things you will see when you visit:


We had a wonderful mural artist donate his time and resources to paint 2 large murals on the walls above the kennels. The theme was “what a dog dreams of,” and is complete with visions of playing in the grass with a family, waiting for kids at the school bus, playing fetch, and more.


Murial painted on the wall of our adoption center


Our kennels have been increased in size by two-fold in both our adoption room and our new arrival areas. This was imperative to ease the mental stress of pets coming for their temporary stay with us. We also had new, state-of-the art flooring installed inside the kennels.


New state of the art flooring in our adoption center kennels


Roofing and fans have been installed on both outdoor play yards to keep the dogs cool and comfortable; it was a LONG, HOT summer this year, we know the dogs appreciated the shade and breeze!


Finally, our Loos Recovery Center and New Hope Arrival units are ready for you to tour. These areas provide safe quarantine for new arrivals, as well as an area for dogs and cats who are arriving ill to receive treatment and recover before being placed into the main kennels for adoption.


Looking Ahead to 2021

We will kick off our Phase 2 of improvements in 2021. We have renderings to share with you. We hope you will love them and help us to make them a reality!


The expansion includes the Susan Sherman Nursery which will provide a safe and quiet place for mommas and babies after their initial foster period. It will also introduce a bigger prep area, commercial laundry units, dishwasher, expanded medical room, and for all of you, individual quiet Meet & Greet rooms to meet your new furry family member!


Other plans include a sanctuary spot for pets who come in that are semi-feral, but still loving and adoptable. As they take much longer to find homes, we want to give them a home-type environment where we can provide safe training of their house skills and ease their fears.


thank you for donating


While we are excited about our plans, only you can help us make them a reality. Thanks to a very generous donor, we have the initial funds to get started on Phase 2. But we will need more funding to complete the project and to continue to help so many more dogs and cats.


From the bottom of our hearts and from the soulful eyes of all the sweet dogs and cats we save, THANK YOU. It is only with your help that we are able to not only rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome neglected and sick pets, but also make our facilities even better.

donate to The Animal League non-profit animal shelter in Orlando for the holidays


Please help us to help them.


Doreen Barker
The Animal League